Sunday 5 October 2014

Think PINK -Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello everybody! 

I know that the tittle isn't very "cute' or "nice" but sometimes we must face the truth. 

Yes, CANCER (in general)but especially breast cancer it's a disease that is more and more present in our lifes. 

One of those eight women can be our  acquaintances, friends, sisters, mothers, grandmother and so on ...that's why we have to do everything that we can to help highlighting the importance of breast cancer awareness. 

I guess you already know that October it's dedicated to wearing pink and spreading the word.

You can read more about this HERE!! 

What I've decided to do?

Even though I really don't like pink I've decided to try and wear something pink everyday : my nails (i think they will be my escape plan), a blouse, a scarf..a ring ...anything that I can think of. 

I would really like it if you could try to do that too. (any gesture no matter how small it is , it counts)

I writing this post thinking about 3 ladies. 

2 of them are my mom's friends. 

 One of them was lucky : she found out in time that she has cancer she had the surgery and everything went smooth since. (she's one of my mom's best friends and I really love her and  I am glad she's still around)

Unfortunately, the other one  wasn't so lucky : she felt something wasn't right with her breast ..but she didn't go to a doctor(despite of my mother's effort to convince her that it's better to find out sooner, no matter if it's bad or good). 
After some time...she started feeling worse and worse from day to day...and when she finally went to see a was too late. (she died after 3 months) 

This is why we have to encourage women who are too scared to go to a doctor to do it! You can never know what's happening with your body...and if something bad is...than as sooner as you find out the better it is. 

Being young...I hated my mom's friend for not going to see a doctor, especially because she felt a bump growing inside her breast. 
Because of what happened to her ... I check my breasts everyday. I encourage you to do the same.

Don't be ashamed to do it : IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. 

  Last but not least, I would like to dedicate this blog post to a good fellow blogger- ANDREA. 

I am surrounded...and I am sure you are too, by people who know people who have died of cancer...and I hate it! 
I was and am happy to have 2 friends who have beaten this horrible disease...but also sad to have a few who have lost the battle. 

Today I will show to you a manicure I did in collaboration with other bloggers, in a collab called "THINK PINK" 

We've decided to do a blog post with manicures, outfits or make-ups ...all pink! 

As you can already guess...I've done a manicure. I hope you like it. 

I have also decided to have a banner for this month : I know it's funny but it's also true!

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  1. Lovely nails <3

  2. Frumoasa manichiura !

  3. Foarte frumoasa si ampla postarea ta,iar manichiura este superba <3.Pupici

  4. great post and really very useful info for women.
    I love your pink nails- this is a perfect design for this action :)

  5. yes it is good that you mention awareness, we must pay attention
    nice manicure !

  6. Emotionanta postarea ta, dar si foarte adevarata.
    Manichiura este foarte dragalasa, iar banner-ul este genial. ♥

  7. Minunata si unghiutele tale arata frumi foc "imbracate" in roz :-*

  8. Foarte finuță și elegantă manichiura ta roz!
    Mi-a plăcut și postarea atât de detaliată!
    Te pup!

  9. ce frumoase sunt iar banerul e minunat imi place

  10. Sunt super emotionata citind randurile tale. In primul rand iti multumesc din suflet pentru aceasta deosebita manichiura, apreciez mult gestul tau! Imi pare foarte rau de pierderea suferita, pacat ca prietena mamei tale nu a mers la medic, la fel a procedat si matusa mea si saraca a ajuns sa moara prin chinuri imense. Poveste lunga si dureroasa. Te pup.

  11. I love everything in your manicure! :) the color, the ribbon, the glitter