Saturday 28 February 2015

NTC- 50 shades of green


I'd rather choose this than 50 shades of Grey (please don't start jumping on my head- I simply don't like it)

Today's theme was proposed by AndraKat. I am sure many of you already know (at least) 2 things about her: loves cats and loves GREEN (and if we talk about nail polishes....textured if possible)

For this manicure I had many ideas...(before my nails broke) but I wasn't able to do what I had in mind. Instead I did some "dotticure"

I haven't done in some time dots on my nails- so here it is : 50 Shades of Green.

I recieved this little fella from my friend Oana this Christmas but I didn't use it until now. 

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Friday 27 February 2015

Close to my heart #1

Hello hello!

Do you remember the post I dedicated to my mother? HERE the post I asked if you'd be interested in seeing a weekly post called "close to my heart" ...and since some of you said "yes" I decided to do my first post! (I will do the blog post in a random order)

Today's post is dedicated to one of my good friends Oana- Unghiute colorate happy nails!

Shockingly, yes she is close to my heart....she managed to "get under my skin" very quickly- in less than a few months.

To be honest....these days we'll be ''celebrating" one year of knowing each other. Oana's one of the ladies that helped me a lot when I started my blog , and I want to thank her for that (again) here! (multumesc din suflet)

The funny thing is ... we firstly met when I won a giveaway she did on her blog - the "irony" was that at that time we lived at less than 20 mins away.  Since that day we started talking constantly...almost on a daily basis.

She's a hard working and a honest person and also, most importantly, she's a true friend! You can count on her at anytime!

I could talk a lot more about her...but I think that what I said is enough. She knows how I feel about her and that's what matters the most.

Today's manicure was done having her in mind...and using a nail polish I recieved from her and a stamping plate she lent me.

Why did I do that? I am sure you all know Oana loves stamping- I couldn't have done something better to show my love for her.
(I wish I would have done the mani in purple...but since the 1st of March is close I wanted to show you a red/white design)

I hope you like it.

KISSES OANA!!!!! :*:*:*

This is the "hello kitty" nail polish I recieved from Oana. I have to tell you that I love it- I've been looking for a light red like this one for a long time.
Another interesting that this is a scented nailpolsih. It's the first one of this kind...and at first I found it odd...but I actually ended up liking the smell of it.

I also started to use Eveline 8in1 Nail Conditioner. I used just once...but I've heard a lot of good things about it.
I am very curious to find out how it is. (I will tell you more about it in some time)

Sunday 22 February 2015

OPI- Alpine Snow


How are you ladies tonight? Ready for a new week? 

I cannot complain for two reasons : I had a great weekend and I will also be free I won't feel the start of the week until the day after tomorrow. 

In an earlier blog post(here)...I showed you 2 nail polishes I recently bought. If I already showed you China Glaze-Ruby Pump....tonight I want to show you OPI-Alpine Snow. (as I said many times before...this is a white nail polish I wanted to try for a long time)

I haven't found the perfect white...that one nail polish that can cover the nail in just 2 coats (I am not saying one coat because no matter the polish I always do 2 coats) 

To be honest, Alpine Snow it's great, the formula it's great. (creamy, easy to use and also moderate dry time) 

Unfortunately, the price,for me, is not great- it's way out of my price range. I would buy it without second thoughts...but I cannot afford it...and considering how much white nail polish I use....this wouldn't be the best investment. 

I will be searching for the perfect white (I have one from Eveline which is close to what I a looking for...but I still think that the coverage isn't perfect in 2 coats) and when I will find it I will surely tell you about it. 

Now let's see some photos. I am really sorry that I wasn't able to do this swatch on my long nails...but they will grow and I will show you this alpine snow again. 

Saturday 21 February 2015

NTC- Inspired by someone close to you!

Hello darlings!

It's Saturday (again) and as you are already used to...We have the NailTeamChallenge.

Today we have a theme that was proposed by Andra- : INSPIRED BY SOMEONE CLOSE TO YOU.

This week was a challenge to many of us - it was hard to find our inspiration. To be honest...I knew from the start who my inspiration was...but I didn't know what I was going to do.

Someone close to me : MY MOM. It's as simple as that. I couldn't choose anybody else.

I have a lot of people who are close to my heart and who deserve a manicure and a blog post - but my mom is my heart! (maybe I'll make a weekly challenge called "close to my heart" where I'll be doing a manicure for every person I truly love- what do you think? would you be interested in something like this?)

Why did I choose my mom? Well...for starters...she's not just my mom. I know that what I am going to say it's the biggest cliche ever.

My sweet mother is also my sister(I never had) and also MY BEST-FRIEND in this world. She is my everything. I wish everybody could have a mom like mine.

Don't think that things between us is always PINK....OMG, not even close. She wasn't the kind of mother who kept me on a glass pedestal, on the contrary. She showed me how to do things around the house, she taught me how to solve my problems...she never let me slip on the wrong path.
Many of you could call her a very strict parent- yes, she was, but that only did good!

We also argue a lot because we're both stubborn but I know she's there if I need her. We cannot stay one day not talking to each other...and we talk more than 2 times a day on the phone. (more than 10 mins each time)

I cannot do anything else but thank her for what she was and did and also for what she is doing now!

I don't know what I'd do without her...I don't think I ever told her face-to-face...but I LOVE HER from the bottom of my heart.

NOW- NAILS!! I will show you the manicure I did and then I will explain what  I did.

Good- what do you think? Nothing special right?
Well...let me tell you a short story. One year ago...when I started my blog...the first manciure I posted was with my mom's nails ...and her fav  manicure. You can see it HERE.

I decided to do the "river stone mani' but in my mom's fav colors: yellow and orange. I couldn't choose another person for this manicure.

She always supported me with my passion even though many said I was crazy and that I am addicted and spending a lot of money on "useless stuff". (just so you know..I've "eliminated' them from my life- I don't need that kind of negativity in my life :)) )

I am very happy with the outcome. I hope you'll like it too!

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Thursday 19 February 2015

Stamping, stamping, stamping.

Hello hello!

Do you remember what was my opinion on stamping one year ago or so? You don't? Well...I do.

To be short I'll just say one word : DIFFICULT. If you asked me what I thought about stamping this is the answer I would have given you...but now things have changed.

I didn't just learn to stamp right...but I started LOVING it. Now If you ask me to describe stamping I wouldn't use the word I used a year ago(I am not saying it isn't because sometimes i have to try 5-6 times until I get the design to transfer right from the plate to my nail)  but I'd say something like : exciting, great, creative.

You  can do a very large variety of designs using only one stamping plate - you can mix colours and designs exactly as you wish.

If you haven't started stamping yet- what have you been doing? Try it but be prepared to have patience because it takes some practice.

Today I want to show you a manicure I did using a stamping plate from my fav brand - MoyouNails

I always wanted to try stamping over holo nail polish....and I finally did BUT there was no sun this morning you cannot see the beautiful holo properly.

This is the holo I used as a base colour- photographed yesterday, in the sun.
I personally love this nail polish :x

I stamped the design with the MoyouNails special nail polish and sealed the design with my
all-time-favourite top coat from Farmec.

As you can see...from today post I started doing a new thing : I will be writing the name or the number of the nail polish on the photo.

Maybe like this it will be easier both for you and for me.

Next, I will show you what stamping plate I used for this manicure and some more designs I did with it.

I used MoyouNails no.122 (you can see it in the picture too) --->

I choose this plate for the geometric designs...and because I thought they would look good in different combination.

I wasn't wrong : they really do.

You can find the plate on

I've made many blog posts about the quality of the plates but I will tell you some words now too.
I haven't got ONE plate that doesn't work perfectly - yes, I had some problems transfering some designs BUT they worked out in the end with a lot of practice and also with the right stamper.

I am using the stamper I got from them- and I love it. It's not to hard not to squishy. I thing it's perfect.

Here are some other designs I did with MoyouNails no.122 :

Sunday 15 February 2015

NTC-Vintage nails

Good evening.

I know you are used to see the "NTC" post on Saturday...but due to the "Valentine's Day" collaboration (HERE) we had to postpone it one day.

Today's theme is "vintage nails" and it was Mihaela's idea - Ela's Dream Nails .

To be honest...I had many ideas...especially nails with roses but in the end I did (another) simple manicure- I am not sure my manicure screams vintage...but that's what I heard :)

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