Saturday 27 February 2016

February's Nails Challenge- Gradient

Good morning darlings!

Saturday again - time flies . This is the last manicure for this month in the monthly challenge.

I don't like doing gradient/ombre nails ...i find it pretty hard but I love seeing these designs , there are some amazing girls who do them perfectly.

I tried doing my best - hope you like it.

TipTop- Melting Marshmallow 

Aceste water decals le-am primit de la Oana acum mult timp dar le-am folosit abia acum. Dupa parerea mea se potrivesc perfect...asa ca, le-am pastrat bine la naftalina. 

Flormar full color - Squashed Raspberry - castigata la giveaway-ul organizat de Teo . Superba culoare - aplicare perfecta dintr-un singur strat! 
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Andra Kat -
  4. Madalina -
  5. Cristina -
  6. Mihaela -
  7. Corina-
  8. Deyutza -
  9. Andreea M -

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Pretty in Plum !

Buna seara dragele mele.

Prietena mea Oana stie ca nu imi place rozul siiii...profitand de aceasta informatie (pe care nu pot sa o numesc pretioasa pentru ca mereu subliniez acest aspect) mi-a lansat o provocare - in cadoul primit de la ea de Martisor (un cadou mai - grabit- sa zic asa, dar, exact pe sufletul meu) a strecurat si o oja ...siclam/ciclame ( n-am idee cum se numeste-feel free to enlighten me).

Pentru ca nu imi place sa "raman datoare' in ceea ce priveste swatch-ul unei ojute primite cadou am zis sa o incerc.
(mi-am strofocat creierul si am venit cu o combinatie de culori pentru un model)

Ce pot sa zic....este prima data cand folosesc o asemenea culoare ....DAR ...pentru prima data  m-am indragostit de un roz/mov.

Din pacate nu am reusit sa surprind adevarata culoare si sclipiciul (care in anumite unghiuri da spre albastru) fenomenal pe care il are aceasta oja de la Nicole by Opi - Selena Gomez - Pretty in plum.

Mai jos va arat swatch-ul si modelul pe care l-am realizat cu ajutorul stampilei fantome - nu ii stiu locul de provenienta dar pot sa va spun ca o gasiti pe Aliexpress si pe Ebay si pot sa va asigur ca este o matrita fenomenala. Raportul calitate pret este foarte bun - modelele se transfera perfect.

Pentru ca trebuie sa specific si acest aspect, o spun acum si apoi va arat pozele. Cu o oja buna de stampilat si o stampila buna (in cazul meu stampila transparenta de la BornPrettyStore- aceasta) modelele se transfera foarte bine. De mult nu am mai stampilat atat de usor si de repede toate cele 10 unghii.

Gata cu vorbaria - sa va arat si manichiura!

Trebuie sa ma plang din nou - movul se fotografiaza ingrozitor de greu. Cred ca din toate pozele pe care o sa le vedeti mai jos doar cea in care am stampila in mana (poza nr 2 ) reflecta (aproape) adevarata culoare pe care o are oja.

Matrita de stampilat fantoma- boohoo

Nu am crezut nicio clipa ca aceasta combinatie de culori sa fie arate asa - mi se pare ca cele doua merg impreuna perfect.
Chiar daca am fost sceptica la inceput ador manichiura si nu vreau sa o mai sterg !
In plus coat-ul (pe care nu l-am mai fotografiat) de la RimmelLondon - Finishing Touch este foarte foarte bun SI ii da un luciu superb manichiurilor.
Daca nu era mai si usuca repejor si este rezistent.

Acum sa va arat swatch-ul. Cum vi se pare? Voi cum cu ce ati combina aceasta oja sau cum ati folosi-o?

Saturday 20 February 2016

February's Nails Challenge-Fave glitter

Fave glitter ... that was kind of hard for me to do ...but I choose something to show to you.

I did this manicure a long time ago ...and unfortunately I wasn't able to truly catch the beauty of the manicure.

Sally Hansen - Plum Luck

Flormar - Holo silver 

Avon Star dust - Polished Plum 

Let's see what fave glitter do the other girls have :

  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Andra Kat -
  4. C.L.M. -
  5. Deyutza -
  6. Mihaela -
  7. Andreea M - 
  8. Cristina -
  9. Claudia -

Thursday 18 February 2016



Mani-swap...this is something I've done a couple of times ago...something I really like doing...and finally I did it again.

This time...I did a mani-swap with a girl I recently met on the facebook group I am part of.

You can check her instagram @alexandruvioleta - she doesn't have a blog.

I decided to do a manicure I absolutely fell in love with - it was love at first sight hehe - I would have done the manicure eventually because it is too good to pass.

I hope you like it.

She recreated my OPI design I posted a month ago and as you can see she did an amazing job - the lines are exactly the same!
Good job Violeta. Check her instagram account @alexandruvioleta.

Catrice - Orange-utan !! 

Wednesday 17 February 2016

The -clear jelly stamper- hype !!

Hello Hello !!

OMG -  I was so excited when I saw on...literally every social media  this stamper ...that I couldn't resist and I had to get it too.

Finally...after some waiting it arrived and of course I couldn't wait to try it , so here it is. I got the stamper from BornPrettyStore ( it's on sale for only 2.99) and together with it a stamping nail polish .

I don't even know where to start - I have so many things to say and show :D

This is how the stamper looks like - I got the all white version, and not the coloured one : pink or blue (yay) and the scraper too.

About the scraper ...I think they did a good job with this one - being all plastic (the older ones had a metal tip) works a lot better, it spreads the polish better on the stamping plate. Maybe other people did a fine job with the other one but I didn't - I hated the sound it made while scraping too.


Yes, jelly stamper - it has a very soft consistence and it's very soft and squishy, I absolutely LOVE it.

This is the kind of stamper I would play with all day - just having it in my hands and pushing it. ( I don't sound crazy, don't I? ) - just like an anti stress ball.

I reviewed another interesting stamper HERE, and in comparison to that one the clear jelly one is a bit harder (the difference is not very big) and also bigger. I love the fact that it has a 2.8 diameter because you can easily pick up bigger design and cover up bigger nail beds or longer nails.
And another advantage compared to the other one is that this stamper stands - the other end is flat (and open too - i will show you later) and you can easily put it on the table without any fears that it will ruin the design.
This is how the stamper looks with a design on it.

I did nothing to prepare the head - it simply picked up the image right away - no filling and no wiping with nail polish remover (!!!) - I read some reviews where the girls had problems with picking up images and I was very curious to see if I encounter such problems..

As you can see the image is perfectly transferred.

 THIS is the nail polish I used !

There are not much to say about it - it's perfect (as you can see on the stamper). Very opaque - a very important trait from my point of view when we're talking about stamping nail polish- and the drying time is perfect.

Not too fast not too long - you get enough time from the plate, to the stamper and on the nails.

You still have to move fast but that's what stamping is all about.

Look how well the nail polish fills up the design on the plate - no empty spaces.
The plate I used I received from Kinga  as a Secret Santa gift!

Back to the stamper now !

The "hype" as I said in the due to the fact that you can see trough the other end while you stamp.
Thanks to this new "invention" we can finally see where and how we stamp! Kudos to that.

In the photo above you can see the image i want to stamp from the other end of the stamper.

And...the final photo I want to show to you is this one. As you can see the design transferred perfectly - good job stamper good job nail polish.

Be aware if you use this nail polish - it stains the skin, not the nail though. You can see on my finger that I have blue stains so be extra careful and use some peel off base if you have. I also ruined the design because I desperately tried to clean the skin for the photos ...but I couldn't.

If we talk about the stamper we need to pay extra care when we clean it. I am used to cleaning my stampers with polish remover - it's a lot easier and faster since I have it there whenever I stamp so I can clean the stamping plate.
From what I've read ...this clear jelly stamper will be compromised if you use polish remover. can use scotch tape or a lint roller.

Here's my option for cleaning the stamper :

Monday 15 February 2016

Drip nails


Today I will show you a manicure I did a couple of hours ago...nails I really love how they look.

I rarely feel 100% happy with a design I did, especially if it's something I never tried before...but this time I can say I am.

Drip nails for today :

What do you think about this design? Have you tried drip nails?

Saturday 13 February 2016

February's Nails Challenge-Valentine

Hello hello.

"Tema mea preferata" - am decis sa incetez sa mai spun lucruri "urate" despre aceasta sarbatoare sau ce e ea, ca sa nu imi sara lumea in cap. 
Asa ca arat pozele cu manichiura si gata.
(manichiura care nu imi place si ma enerveaza si cum au iesit pozele) 

Manichiura cred ca o am pregatita de vreo 2-3 saptamani hehe. 

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Freehand stripes !

Morning lovelies!

How is your week so far?

If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook you may know this weekend I finally got my light box.
I was so excited I couldn't wait and I had to do a manicure , I will show it to you today. I didn't set up my camera perfectly so I think the pictures could have turned out even better...but I am pretty happy with them.

I hope you like them - today I am more interested in your opinion on my photos rather than my design hehe.

For my design I used very autumny colour - brown, orange and a beige. A good friend of mine told me the colour combination looks very high end , something like Louboutin would choose for their designs.

Saturday 6 February 2016

February's Nails Challenge-Red


Iata ca, am ajuns deja in cea de a doua luna din an continuam colaborarea. Luna februarie se anunta cu inimioare, rozuri si alte nebunii , care pe mine, sincer, nu prea ma pasioneaza.
Nu prea am oje roz, nu imi plac dulcegariile astea "de cuplu'' care au loc doar o data pe an si nici nu ma incanta nebunia din magazine.

Cu toate astea, ca sa nu fiu un hater adevarat o sa particip la tema de saptamana viitoare (V'day nails) cu o manichiura rozalie :D

Lasand asta deoparte (nu pentru ca am terminat de zis ci pentru ca o sa zic si saptamana viitoare) sa trecem la tema de astazi : RED.

DA! Rosul, rosul este sexy, rosul este elegant, rosul..DA!

Pentru aceasta tema am facut o manichiura simpla, dar care mi-a placut enorm. Sper sa va placa si voua :*

Haideti sa vedeti si celalalte manichiuri rosii :
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Madalina -
  4. Andra Kat -
  5. Roxi -
  6. Gabi -
  7. Iulia Maria -
  8. Cristina -
  9. Violeta