Thursday 18 February 2016



Mani-swap...this is something I've done a couple of times ago...something I really like doing...and finally I did it again.

This time...I did a mani-swap with a girl I recently met on the facebook group I am part of.

You can check her instagram @alexandruvioleta - she doesn't have a blog.

I decided to do a manicure I absolutely fell in love with - it was love at first sight hehe - I would have done the manicure eventually because it is too good to pass.

I hope you like it.

She recreated my OPI design I posted a month ago and as you can see she did an amazing job - the lines are exactly the same!
Good job Violeta. Check her instagram account @alexandruvioleta.

Catrice - Orange-utan !! 


  1. ce vesel este acest oranj, te binedispune!

  2. Arata foarte bine ambele modele si chiar ti- au iesit ca cele originale :)

  3. Sunteti geniale fetelor. Ati facut niste manichiuri superbe!

  4. OMG! This is sooo cool! I've never participated in a mani swap, but the concept is awesome!

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  6. este un model foarte interesant. O sa incerc si eu odata :)