Tuesday 9 February 2016

Freehand stripes !

Morning lovelies!

How is your week so far?

If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook you may know this weekend I finally got my light box.
I was so excited I couldn't wait and I had to do a manicure ...so , I will show it to you today. I didn't set up my camera perfectly so I think the pictures could have turned out even better...but I am pretty happy with them.

I hope you like them - today I am more interested in your opinion on my photos rather than my design hehe.

For my design I used very autumny colour - brown, orange and a beige. A good friend of mine told me the colour combination looks very high end , something like Louboutin would choose for their designs.


  1. Cum ti-am spus si pe grup ai o manichiura frumoasa.Iti invidiez unghiile pt.ca eu la momentul de fata le am f mici .

  2. Super combinatie, se vede tare bine, pupicei <3

  3. The pictures look very professional! I recently made a lightbox, but mine needs improvement. Great choice of colors for your nsils, they do look classy! ^_^

  4. I love your post because I like the way you collaborate and share your opinions, great blog, carry on. Mujeres

  5. O schimbare in bine la capitolul fotografii. Mie imi place ceea ce vad!