Friday, 31 October 2014

Autumn and Winter Holidays Challenge-Halloween

Good morning.

As you already know the "Alphabet Challenge'' ended this Saturday but as promised I started another one.

My good friend and fellow blogger OANA was very quick and she made another collab-sheet(you'll see it at the end of the post) with 10 themes that will be enough for the rest of the year.

I am very glad she decided to this because these collaborations bring us together and put our imagination to good work.

First theme is "HALLOWEEN" - that's why we'll be posting Friday. (from next week we'll be posting Saturday, as usual)

I am not a big fan of this holiday...and I honestly don't know why. It's not like I hate it or something...I just don't find myself in it. (What I really the slutty costumes in which the majority of the girls dress- but that's none of my business)

I will stop "talking" now and  I will show you the manicure I did. (this isn't a typical Halloween manicure)

 What I used for this manicure:
Golden Rose Paris-nr. 71 (black)
Catrice- Orange-Utan
Eveline White
SallyHansen- Good to Grape

My inspiration :

I hope you'll like the manicure.

I cannot wait for next week to see what the girls do.
  1. Oana -
  2. Mădălina -
  3. Crina
  4. Claudia
  5. Mada -
  6. Ella -
  7. Gabriela -
  8. Andra -
  9. Mihaela -

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Match the dress- ThinkPink

Good evening my darlings.

How are you today?? Looking forward to the weekend?

I hope you had a better than I did...because mine was pretty bad. Even so...I was very eager to write on the blog today.

I will show you a manicure I did to participate in Andrea's Giveaway (you can still participate if you want to - ROMANIA only)

The theme was "Match the dress" - since we're still in October I decided to pick something PINK.
This will be my last pink manicure for - BreastCancerAwareness.

I was very happy to be able to participate in her nail contest.

I hope you like the manicure I did ...and I hope that I will win. (If I will be the second giveaway I win from her blog).
You should check her blog out when you have a chance because she's a great nail artist! ColourYouLife

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - A to Z

Here's the collection of the manicures I did during this challenge:

Animal Print
Crime scene

Gatsby- The great Gatsby


Pink Panther
Rabbit- Jessica Rabbit
School is Back
UV light bulb
Water Wave

Yellow Pages

Which letter was your fav? Mine was WATER WAVE.

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter Z


Last one for this challenge : I cannot believe it.

I was very happy to do this challenge and I need to thank MissHappyAndHerNails for this great idea!

Even if am posting the last manicure late...I promised I will do them here's : ZODIAC

I will show you all the manicures I did for this challenge in a future blog post.

I hope you enjoyed the challenge as much as I did.

We're starting another one on Saturday, stay tuned to see what is it about.

Until Saturday don't forget about the GIVEAWAY.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014



 Hello darlings!!

How are you doing? I hope you are good and that you started the week on the right foot. (I had a very full day...but thinking about this moment made it a bit easier)

Today I will do a blog post I've been waiting to do for a long time.

I have done in the past another giveaway...but this one is a LOT better.(see more details below)


When I wrote to them about my idea I was very curious to see if they agree...and guess what? They did...and they offered a lot more than I was expecting.

They were very excited too...and here is what we came up with : 

Are you curious to know more? If yes please continue reading .

We've decided to do a NAIL ART contest and MoyouNails decided to offer the prizes for 3 winners (will see bellow how they'll be chosen)

1st place- 5 MoyouNails stamping plates
2nd place- 2 MoyouNails stamping plates
3rd place- 2 MoyouNails stamping plates

Here are the rules:

1.You will have to do a manicure with the theme ''WINTER IS COMING''.
2.Take a photo (as good as possible- with a phone or a camera) with a paper where you write "Winter is coming"
3. Like MoyouNails , Ditta's nail design & art
4. Follow my blog through GFC (optional on instagram : @dittanail)
5.Send me the picture on (with the subject : Winter is coming giveaway and also write the name you followed my blog with)
You may submit only ONE design.

The giveaway starts on November the 1st and will end in exactly one month.
 After I get all the pictures...I will make a blog post to show them all.

How we'll choose the winners:

1st place- We want to give everybody a fair chance so...I'll use
2nd place- I will choose my favorite design
3rd place- MoyouNails will choose their favorite design

I will announce the winner in a few days after the giveaway has  ended, here on the blog.
I will personally send an email to the winners ( I will choose a different one if I wont get a reply in 48h)
The winners will be able to choose their desired plates from MoyouNails's stamping plates collection.


Good luck everybody. I hope you'll be inspired to do the best winter manicures ever!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

1st negative space

Good evening!

How are you tonight...? I can guess that many of you ..sad because of the weather.

I am really sad too...because I wasn't expecting the snow this early, fortunately I will "enjoy" the snow tomorrow because I am back home. (here...instead of snow we had a very low temperature)

Even if you are used to see the "alphabet challenge" manicure this time of the week....I am ashamed to tell you that I didn't do it YET. I promised myself that I will do every one of I will. (I have my idea...i just didn't have the time to execute it)

Instead of that manicure...I will show you another manicure I did last week.

It's the first time I did "negative space" and I must say I am very happy with the result.

Have you ever tried this technique before? Did you like it?

I will also show you a pic I took today : while everybody was crying because it was snowing in October I was smiling because I was enjoying the sun!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Think pink #3


I am so happy to write another blog post.

I've decided to do another 'pink' manicure. I said ''pink" because it's actually a galaxy manicure done with pink. the pictures the pink looks more purple.

I am very happy to tell you that my dear friend Oana, helped me to order 4 stamping plates from BornPrettyStore.
I cannot wait to recieve and use them.

Lastly, but least...I am happy to announce you that I will soon host a great GIVEAWAY on my blog so stay put and be prepared to do some manis! (I will tell you more in one week)

Here's my last "think pink' manicure!