Wednesday 1 October 2014

MoyouNails all the way!

Good evening everybody.

It's no secret that I am a big fan of MoyouNails  stamping plates + special nail polish, and to be could you not?

I tried for the first time these plates in May(you can read that blog post HERE!!!) and since then I've been using them every time I can.

I am curently trying out the 3rd "batch" they sent me.

I recieved 3 stamping plates (from the new collection) and also 3 special nail polish.

In the picture above you can see the nail polishes I've chosen. (I also recieved a black, a gold and a blue one , before these 3 )

I've stamped with multiple polishes (both special or normal) but I honestly think that these are the best.
They transfer perfectly, they dry very quick, they are very strong,vibrant and they are also very good for water marbeling. (I only use them for stamping but I tried once)

From the plates I've recieved this time I have used a few designs. (I still haven't got the chance to use each and everyone of them)

I will show you beneath what designs I did, using which plate.

This is plate no. 122.

I absolutely love each and one the designs.

Because I started the "31 day challange" I had to come up with a different manicure everyday so I had to use every Ace I had down my sleve.

The stamping plates were my winning hands.

So, tonight I will show you all the manicures I did using this stamping plate. (I will also write what nail polish I used for stamping)

  ( both are stamped using the Moyounails polish)

Plate number 219.

From this plate I only used the first design(giraffe) and the last(but I've had some camera issues and I lost some photos).

No worries I will do other manicures to show you the designs.

As you can see the designs transfer perfectly from the plate.

I have never encountered any problems stamping the designs (even if the design is very small- see picture above)

 (this one is stamped with the a normal polish- the same I used to dothe french- 11)

Last but not least...palte number 128.

As you can see I had issues transfering one design...but this was my own fault because I didn't put enough nails polish.

From this plate I have used the 3rd design (fish scale/ fishing net) but again I don't have the photos becuase of the camera problems.

I will do new designs in no time. (I'll have a lot of time on my hands in the next couple of months so I will show you a lot of manicures).

I recently dicovered that I have some problems with my stamper : because it's round I can't always get the whole design(if they are bigger- like these ones) but I'll search a square one and I'll be doing nails in no time.

 I've also decided to show to you 2 more plates(216 left and 82 right) because I've used them a lot recently.

These plates are from the 2nd pack they're sent me to review!

 (stamped with normal paint- white from Evelyne)
 (stamped with normal nail polish : white from Evelyne and Plum Luck from Sally Hansen)
 (Stamped with normal nail polish- Gabrini nr. 357)
 (stamped with normal nail polish- Golden Rose Rich Color nr.21)
(stamped with MoyouNails nail polish)

I think that every nail artist should have at least one stamping plate!

I've fallen in love with the MoyouNails  stamping plates and I don't think I could ever go back to not having them.

Whenever I want to do a quick but cool/elegant manicure I use a plate and in no time I have a fabulous mani.

You should try them out too! (at first it might seem hard to use...but once you get the hang of can't stop)


  1. ori ai facut unghiuteeeeee......ori la loc comandaaaa :))))))) .super frumoase <3

    1. Apai fost la foc automat, AKA47 , M-41...ce vrei tu ! :)))

  2. Ce de unghiute frumoase.Si eu sunt fan declarat al placutelor si ojelor MoYou.Inca nu am incercat ojele din colectia noua dar sunt sigura ca sunt excelente!Am totusi o curiozitate:portocaliul si galbenul stampileaza bine peste negru(obsesia mea din ultimul timp)?
    Dar mai Andreea...numai o placuta?...Unde-i Oana?Ea nu a vazut ce ai scris tu???Eu cred ca orice nail artist are nevoie de cel putin 10 placute!! :-P

    1. Iti multumesc mult! (cred ca v-ati saturat de mine si cat am postat in ultimul timp )
      Sa stii ca nu am incercat inca sa stampilez peste negru...dar urmeaza si o sa iti spun.

      In ceea ce priveste "o placuta" am spus asa pentru ca in momentul in care ai una...sigur vrei mai multe :))

      Te pup

  3. Placute de la MO YOU nu detin, doarr de la MOYOU London. La inceput nici nu am stiut ca sunt doua firme diferite :) Toate manichiurile stampilate arata impecabil, chiar sunt de calitate aceste produse!

    1. nu am de la MOYOU London dar sincer...sunt multumita de astea ale mele!