Thursday 16 October 2014

Comeback-pink manicure


Ohh...ladies I've missed you so much!

I would like to start tonight's blog post with an apology for not writing as often as I used to...but I really had a lot on my hands and mind and I also did not have good internet. (to upload a photo I waited ~30mins)

Just in case you were is going fine, full of projects and some stress too. Being the last year I am a bit sad ...but for now I am focusing on the nice parts.

I am also enjoying the dorm life...enjoying it 100% : bad and good. (cockroaches or not :)) )

I am sad to tell you that I don't have my camera with me...and as consequence I won't be showing you the pics you're used to...but some done with my cell-phone. I will try to take the pictures in natural light to get the best out of them.

As I promised...I tried to wear more pink these promote the BreastCancerAwareness movement...that's why today I will show you a manicure using some pink.

In a future post I will show you some pink manicure I did for my friends. (I kind of made them wear pink :)) )

I did this manicure this a hurry but I am very happy with the outcome.

I was very excited to find out that I can perfectly stamp with ChinaGlaze Tranzitions .
 As you already know...I am absolutely in love with the stamping plates from MoyouNails...I use them as often as I can.
My friends are also very happy when they get stamped manis : they act like children on Christmas opening their presents.

This is a manicure I did on my friends nails using SallyHansen-Vitamin Sea and a stamping plate from MoyouNails.

She loved the little flowers very much and wore the manicure for one week.

I will also post a photo with me wearing my most pink thing! (it looks peachy in this photo ...but I can assure you it's perfectly pink)

I will honestly try to post more often!

I wish you a great night ladies and also a good weekend. I hope you'll have good weather.


  1. nice manicure .love that pattern stamp ! amazing!
    enjoy your life and new school !

  2. Foarte frumoasa mani ai facut <3 Pup

  3. Bine ai revenit Andreea!Si noi ti-am simtit lipsa :-*
    Manichiura impecabila as usuall!

  4. Foarte frumoasa manichiura :)

  5. E super frumoasă manichiura și impecabil realizată!
    Tot zic că trebuie să-mi mai iau și eu niște ștampiluțe, îmi plac mult modelele astea pe toată unghia, arată super frumos

  6. Ce print frumos ai pe unghii! Imi place foarte muult manichiura. ♥
    Si cea a prietenei tale este super dragalasa. ✿ ✿
    De asemenea, esti mega draguta in poza in care ne prezinti outfit-ul si te cred pe cuvant ca bluzita este roz. :D

    1. Multumesc pentru complimente draga mea! :*

  7. Manichiura este eleganta si gingasa. Imi place mult rezultatul final. Multi nu inteleg de ce port in ultima vreme asa de mult roz, doar la oncologie cand ma duc pentru control si tratamente atunci vad mai multi oameni care se uita la mine si stiu daca este efectul rozului :)