Friday 27 February 2015

Close to my heart #1

Hello hello!

Do you remember the post I dedicated to my mother? HERE the post I asked if you'd be interested in seeing a weekly post called "close to my heart" ...and since some of you said "yes" I decided to do my first post! (I will do the blog post in a random order)

Today's post is dedicated to one of my good friends Oana- Unghiute colorate happy nails!

Shockingly, yes she is close to my heart....she managed to "get under my skin" very quickly- in less than a few months.

To be honest....these days we'll be ''celebrating" one year of knowing each other. Oana's one of the ladies that helped me a lot when I started my blog , and I want to thank her for that (again) here! (multumesc din suflet)

The funny thing is ... we firstly met when I won a giveaway she did on her blog - the "irony" was that at that time we lived at less than 20 mins away.  Since that day we started talking constantly...almost on a daily basis.

She's a hard working and a honest person and also, most importantly, she's a true friend! You can count on her at anytime!

I could talk a lot more about her...but I think that what I said is enough. She knows how I feel about her and that's what matters the most.

Today's manicure was done having her in mind...and using a nail polish I recieved from her and a stamping plate she lent me.

Why did I do that? I am sure you all know Oana loves stamping- I couldn't have done something better to show my love for her.
(I wish I would have done the mani in purple...but since the 1st of March is close I wanted to show you a red/white design)

I hope you like it.

KISSES OANA!!!!! :*:*:*

This is the "hello kitty" nail polish I recieved from Oana. I have to tell you that I love it- I've been looking for a light red like this one for a long time.
Another interesting that this is a scented nailpolsih. It's the first one of this kind...and at first I found it odd...but I actually ended up liking the smell of it.

I also started to use Eveline 8in1 Nail Conditioner. I used just once...but I've heard a lot of good things about it.
I am very curious to find out how it is. (I will tell you more about it in some time)


  1. Foarte frumos, atât gestul, ideea, cât și manichiura! Îmi place mult nuanța de roșu folosită și cum arată modelul peste.
    Te pup!

  2. hello kitty! <3 foarte frumi manichiura si foarte frumos ce ai scris
    pupici la amandoua!

  3. Foarte frumos!Atat ideea de la care a pornit acesta postare cat si manichiura.Si mie imi place ojica,este foarte despre tratamentul de la Eveline,este genial!!!!Pup

  4. Foarte drăguţ textul, sunt sigură că îi va fi pe plac ceea ce ai scris ♥ Manichiura este super frumi :*

  5. Iubiiiiii vrei sa ma faci sa ma plang iaaarr,Loveee Youuuu,asta e postarea mea de suflet....EVER,super frumos ai scris,pupicei multi.Unghiutele sunt SUPERBE <3

  6. Foarte frumoasa manichiura !

  7. Da, asa este, Oana este o perosna foarte speciala si aceasta manichiura este chiar pe stilul ei!