Sunday 22 February 2015

OPI- Alpine Snow


How are you ladies tonight? Ready for a new week? 

I cannot complain for two reasons : I had a great weekend and I will also be free I won't feel the start of the week until the day after tomorrow. 

In an earlier blog post(here)...I showed you 2 nail polishes I recently bought. If I already showed you China Glaze-Ruby Pump....tonight I want to show you OPI-Alpine Snow. (as I said many times before...this is a white nail polish I wanted to try for a long time)

I haven't found the perfect white...that one nail polish that can cover the nail in just 2 coats (I am not saying one coat because no matter the polish I always do 2 coats) 

To be honest, Alpine Snow it's great, the formula it's great. (creamy, easy to use and also moderate dry time) 

Unfortunately, the price,for me, is not great- it's way out of my price range. I would buy it without second thoughts...but I cannot afford it...and considering how much white nail polish I use....this wouldn't be the best investment. 

I will be searching for the perfect white (I have one from Eveline which is close to what I a looking for...but I still think that the coverage isn't perfect in 2 coats) and when I will find it I will surely tell you about it. 

Now let's see some photos. I am really sorry that I wasn't able to do this swatch on my long nails...but they will grow and I will show you this alpine snow again. 


  1. Se vede foarte frumos si pe unghiutele mici,super oja pup

  2. I agree with you its really pricey .. unfortunately. .. I'm also in search of a perfect white and affordable too

    1. THe nail polish it's great...but the price...:(

  3. Cred ca fiecare dintre noi cauta albul si negrul perfect. Recunosc, nu stiam de aceasta oja, dar arata minunat pe unghiutele tale!

    1. Sa stii ca ai dreptate!
      Pana la urma...cred ca toate cautam...toate nuantele perfecte :))