Thursday 14 January 2016

Peel off nail latex from BornPrettyStore

Hello hello :)

How are you lovelies today? I have a question for you : do you ever feel like doing an ombre manicure but you're not up to cleaning the mess on your fingers?

I know that the peel off "helper" (how i like to call it) is not a new thing...but have you tried the one from BornPrettyStore? (it's on the site at the special price of 2.99$ )

I've only tried one but wasn't amazingly happy about it I am not with this one either!

I am not going to say it's's just...not like the ones i've seen in tutorials.

This one , which you can find on the bornprettystore sote in a bottle of 15ml,  is very opaque (which is good cuz you see perfectly where you've put it) but it takes a bit long to dry.
It covers perfectly to be honest - as you can see in the picture.

What I saw while trying to clean up is that the part of the latex where you got polish on a bit softer than the rest...and it breaks a bit...doesn't peel off as I would have wanted it to.

You can see in the picture above what I am talking about : the part where I had more nail polish got stuck on the finger ...but I was able to take it off easily :)

However, as a conclusion ...this is a good-ish peel off "helper". You can see in the next picture that there wasn't much to clean after I took off all liquid tape.

I would probably buy this one if there wouldn't be another option. :)

Don't forget about my discount code  : CUMX31 on the site ;)