Saturday 16 January 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Ice or silver nails

Morning lovelies!

Second Saturday, second challenge....and that's how we'll find ourselves in December 2016, at the end of this challenge - time really flies.

For this week's challenge we had to choose between  ice or silver nails - I decided to go with silver this time.

This manicure was a good occasion for me to use my BornPrettyStore Vinyls.  I absolutely love the way they look and I decided to use them in a different way they are usually used.
Even if the vinyls are fish scale- like , i think they can be used in the winter too.

I have to admit I ruined 3 or 4 stickers before deciding what to do with them.
For this manicure I decided to stick the vinyls on my nails and cut the edges, instead of putting nail polish over and removing the vinyl.
Golden Rose care&strong nr. 171
Flormar 392 Holographic silver

My new top coat from RimmelLondon

The vinyl are absolutely gorgeous- they have an amazing holographic shine and they stick very well to the nail. So if you want to put them one, add nailpolish and then remove them, make sure your base colour is perfectly dried.

If you want to buy these nail vinyls you can find them HERE and you can also usse my discount code.

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  1. Arata foarte dragu <3. Imi place mult si oja argintie de la Flormar si modelul cu solzi de peste :)

  2. Foarte frumoasa mani ai facut,mi-am luat si eu vinyl-uri dar nu le-am folosit inca,le-am trimis fetelor cadou :))),pup <3

  3. Imi place foarte mult reprezentarea ta.

  4. Imi era dor de unghiutele tale.Ingenioasa ideea cu vinylurile si super rezultatul final.Pup.

  5. vaai, superbe!
    trebuie neaparat si eu sa incerc vinylusurile <3

  6. Ah, combinatia mea perfecta de culori. <3 Super manichiura. Imi place mult. Si imi place mult forma unghiilor. Ptiu sa nu fie de deochi.

  7. Sunt atat de draguteee! Imi place farte mult ce ti-a iesit :)