Monday 4 January 2016

AVENIRO- glass files

Good morning darlings and Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a great year and that all (or at least some of) your dreams come true - don't forget to work hard for them though!

I am going to start my 3rd year (YAY!!) of blogging with a review for a product that is very important for the health of my nails : files, but not any files, GLASS FILES.

To be honest, I was in love with glass files when I was younger - they seemed so...fancy at the time. I had no idea about the benefits they have. Even so...after the 4th ( i think) glass file I bought and used a maximum of 3-4 times, I stopped buying them because it was clearly not right to use it a few times and then more abrasive surface! (the fact that a colleague from high school dropped it on the floor and broke it in a lot of pieces may have also had something to do with the fact that I stopped using them)

We should get back to the point here : AVENIRO Glass Files.

Aveniro is a company from the Czech Republic, located in the traditional glass making region near Novy Bor, company specialized in making glass files, crystal nail files.

For the purpose of this review...I received 3 files : one manicure and 2 foot scrappers.

I want to start with the 2 foot scrappers (which are dad&son - because they are the same thing only in different sizes). 

The "big boy" is 16,5cm long and 6mm thick while the baby, 13.5cm, and same thickness. These files have 2 different faces - double roughness. 

One side is coarser and is meant to remove the calloused skin while the other side is a lot smoother ...perfect for making some adjustments. 
(those of you who read my blog know that I have problems with the skin on my hands, never being able to properly get the hydrated - well...the same goes for my soles - of course, I tried the file on my heels and I was impressed with how smooth they were - but I won't show you a picture of that hehe) 

I like the fact that both files come in a pouch, therefor being protected and also making storing them on a shelf in the bathroom a lot easier. 

As you may have guessed, the "son" being smaller is perfect to be dropped in your purse and taken along- you never know when you need it. 

The manicure nail file is bigger, 19.5cm in lenght but smaller in thickness, only 4mm. 

When it comes to manicure files...their variety is a lot bigger : all kind of shapes and sizes and also different rougness. You can read a lot more HERE- on their official site.

The size I got is perfect for filling nails down. Those of you who don't clip their know how frustrating using a bad file can be when you want to shorten your nails, right? 
Ah well darlings....goodbye long hours of filling down- i have to admit that I was...shocked on how well the file worked. 

3 moves and bam -> instantly shortened nail. You have to be careful with this (as so do I) until you get the hang of it because you might end up filling down too much of your nail and we certainly do not want that. 

As I said, at the shape and size this file has this is its best purpose - you cannot use it for shaping your nail due to its thickness - but that's not a problem, look at how many choices you've got: 

What is special about these nail files ? 

1. They have a unique surface - a micro structure created by special chemical etching that helps the 
surface be filled with regularly arranged grinding spikes.

You can read here more about their production techniques and also see a comparison between the normal files and their files.

2. Long term use - unlimited lifespan of the abrasive surface

3. Easy to wash- simply wash it in the sink. Water and some detergent (hand soap for example) and the file is perfect! 

For more perks of using these nail files visit the official site of AVENIRO . 

I absolutely loved the files...and I have to admit the fact that I would love to have all of them : big and small :D

Now...the last thing I want to mention is their large variety of decoration they offer. You can even customize the way you want it - make your perfect glass file. 
Visit their facebook page for more info Aveniro-Facebook


  1. Uuuuu ce colorate si frumoase sunt,am si eu una si imi place mult <3,pup

  2. Foarte frumoasa prezentarea ta, iar aceste pile din sticla sunt cele mai bune calitativ dupa parerea mea, iar unghiile sunt mult mai sanatoase daca le utiluzezi de fiecare data! Te pup.