Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The clowny nails with TIP-TOP

Hello sweeties!

How is your week until now? :) Mine keeps getting better and better: I am home, I have my babies(the nailpolishes), I am enjoying my vacation AND  the sun is finally up in the sky. (I think there were 2 weeks full of rain and no sun, and it was very depressing).

What am I going to talk about today is a brand I discovered recently, even if the company was founded in 1981. TipTopNails
They are located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The company has a very strict philosophy behind producing and developing their nail polishes, making sure their products are described by 4 elements: Durability, Innovation, Toxin & Cruelty Free.
I am not an experted in Vegan nail polishes, but I know the components that are harmfull, TipTop  developing nail polish that is completely FREE of: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (Dibuthyl Phthalate) and Camphor. 
One thing that makes me believe this, is the pleasant smell the nail polishes have. ( the smell is very important to me, because I have a very sensitive nose, and strong smells make be feel ill)

 What I recieved : 

They are 5 amazing colours(from left to right) : ARMOURPLATE(970), GOLD DIGGER(971), ASTRONAUT(967), CHA CHA CHA(980) and MELTING MARSHMALLOWS(903).
I like a lot all the colour, but I think I just found THE pink for me.

 You can see in the pic above, a quick swatch. What would you say: 1 or 2 coats? Be prepared to be amazed: ONLY ONE COAT. These are simply amazing. The formula is very very nice, it's very easy to apply because it's quite liquid and it also dries super fast. (If you are on a hurry but still want or need a gorgeous mani, you can choose one of these mani colours TipTop has to offer)

Today I will be showing you the last 2: CHA CHA CHA  and MELTING MARSHMALLOWS.
I love pastel nail polish because I think they are very good as base colours and also as a very suble and elegant manicure.

I did the design on my mother's nails, since she's been very eager to help.
As an inspiration I had this pattern :

I was always in love with clowns...not scared like many people are and I decided to do a "tribute" mani for them.
I hope you'll like my mani as much as I did. I think it's very fun to watch and wear.

 I wanted in a very long time to do this tipe of mani. Since this is sort of a french mani, and how I am a frech mani addict, I absolutely LOVE it.

The mani is "3 days old" and keeps standing: no chipping no nothing.(I also used the Farmec 3DGelTopcoat) 

This is my "clowny" nails I did using TipTop nail polish.
As a conclusion I can say that they are amazing: they are Vegan,they have great covarage in one coat, they dry fast, don't smell bad and they have a very gorgeous shimmer without any topcoat. What else could anyone wish from a nails polish?
I personally, love them, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Untill next time, I wish you a good week.



  1. cel mai mult imi place unghiuta inelarului <3

  2. ce oje superbe! imi plac toate <3

  3. A doua manichiura este adorabila :)

  4. Ojele sunt de vis, ca si manichiura creata de tine! Nu stiam de acest brand, ma atrage faptul ca sunt vegan si acopera doar intr-un strat!

  5. Ce frumusele sunt culorile,imi place foarte mult cum le-ai combinat!

  6. Awesome! I've been watching Tiptop Nails' page on Facebook for quite a while and I've always wanted to try their nail polishes. Seeing your swatches, I am convinced that they're really amazing! Also, your manicure is soooo cute!!! <3

    1. Thank you very much hun.
      I am glad you liked my work.
      I am always sincere when it comes to my reviews

  7. Lovely colors and love that Mani!

  8. This is gorgeous, I love the design you did on the tips and the full accent nail is beautiful! I've been following tip top nails on FB for some time now and I've always thought their polishes look great so I am really glad to see such a happy review :) xx

  9. Frumoase toate ojele, dar albastrul și rozul folosite la model sunt absolut superbe!
    Manichiura e de asemenea superbă, modelul de la inelar e super, trebuie să încerc cândva! :D
    Pupici :*

  10. The mani is super original and the products are amazing. I've been following them on fb for over a year now, but I had no clue they ship to Romania :) Great job!

  11. Great color choices!! Amazing nails :)

  12. amazing the blue,silver and gold one <3

  13. Ce nuante frumoase! Imi plac mult cele sidefate. :) Si imi mai place mult modelul de pe inelar. :D