Thursday 12 June 2014

BornPrettyStore Review

Studs, today we have studs!

As you already know I've been collaborating with BornPrettyStore , this being the second time they send me stuff to review. (i reviewed 2 stamping plates and a set of brushes the first time)

This time I choose: a stamping plate(i think i'm going crazy), one sheet of waterdecals(my first ones) and the NEON STUDS (find them in the link) I will be talking about today.

I am not such a big fan of studs or rhinestones...not even talking about neon colours. (I am a very simple person : BLACK is my lifetime lover), however,  I fell in love with these. (i don't know why :)) )

When I saw them in the site I said : I must have them!!

I waited for this pack about 1 month ( the first time I had it in 2 weeks- I guess I was lucky) and I was VERY excited to see how they look. Guess what? Wasn't disappointed at all.
 Aren't they gorgeous??

Well...I keept thinking what I was going to do with them..and since I don't have my nail polishes my choices were limited.
Guess who has one of the best friends in the world? Thanks to my friend Oana=Unghiute colorate Happy nails , who was VERY kind to let me borrow some of her nail polishes I was able to do a mani with : blue, pink and purple.
Well...what I am going to tell you about these beautifully coloured studs is this : they have a gorgeous colour, they are very easy to apply and they stick very easily on the nail( I added a dot of clear nail polish and the put the stud on) and they are of very good qualitty.

I really like them and I am sure I will use them more often (maybe I'll start wearing neon colours)

Here's the mani I did:

 You can find them HERE.
I used for this mani  Sally Hansen - Shirmply divine ; Flormar 445 and  Bell Glam Wear 431.

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  1. heyyyyyy Lovely nails,imi pare bine ca tzi-am fost de ajutor,oricand cu mare drag ,s-au potrivit la fix ojele cu pietricelele <3 pupici

    1. Multumesc inca o data! Ma bucur mult ca ti-au placut :D
      si sa stii ca s-au potrivit PERFECT!
      Te pup

  2. Lovely nails,ma bucur ca tzi-am fost de ajutor,oricand cu mare drag,s-au potrivit ojele la fix cu pietricelele tale <3 pupici

  3. I've got the fluo round/square ones and they are gorgeous *__* but I can sound a bit partial since I'm a stud addict.
    I love your combo and your positive/negative matching between polishes and decorations!
    Anyway, since you said you're a black girl, have you ever thought to put these neon beauties onto a simple black creme? They'll hurt your eyes <3

    1. Haha...i think they WILL kill my eyes, but that is a good combination. anything works with BLACK!
      I will surely try it, thanks for the idea.

  4. Lovely manicure <3 I love how you played with the colors and I love that studs :) I think I need those in my life lol

    1. Thank you sweety ! :))
      That's what I said :D

  5. Beautiful work, hun! I love the gradient and the studs are just too cute. The placement of the studs looks great :) As I said before I think the star studs are just adorable!