Saturday 28 June 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter I

Good morning my sweet ladies!!

How was your week?? I really hope it was good...and I also hope you'll have a good week-end, with lots of fun or rest. (depending on each's desire).
My week was a bit messed up, but in the end...everything is going to be fine.
As you already know....every Saturday the girls from "The polish addict" group and I post one mani done for this challenge.
We've seen gorgeous manis everytime...and lots and lots of different ideas through out these weeks. I am sure we'll see even more in the following weeks.

Guess what? When I had to choose the theme of my manicure...I simply got stuck with a million ideas ( ice, ice cream, iceberg, icicles...and so on) but nothing turned out to look as good as I would have wanted to. So I had to rethink and replan my manicure.
In the end it turned out to be pretty simple...because my mom (who else if not mom?) gave me a beautiful idea.
This time...the problem was I found her idea very hard to "transfer" on my nails...but I tried, and I was very pleased with it.

The theme I choose...well my mom did actually, is Iris.
It looks like I'm in love with flowers lately :)) ( if you can remember, my "H" mani was Hibiscus)

I used as a base coat Farmasi nr.?? (I can no longer see it on the bottle) - but only for 4 fingers: i thought the flower will pop out on the natural nail.
For the flower I used my old "Lidan" acrylic paints ... and the AMAZING Farmec GelTopCoat. ( I love it more and more with every use)

What do you think about my flower?
I wish you ladies a good weekend!

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  1. Foarte frumoase Andreea <3,A ieshit superb,sa stii ca tot asa vad postarea :)))))) doar poze de pe tel vad bine <3 pupici

  2. Foarte frumoase !

  3. Foarte frumos ți-a ieșit floare, iar acea nuanță de lila e superbă!

  4. I love this kind of posts! And your nails look so damn healthy! I love them!
    Great idea, I love the Farmasi nail polish!

    Great post!

  5. Mamica ta a avut o idee foarte buna, iar tu ai pus-o in practica intr-un mod exceptional. Foarte reusita manichiura! Cat despre copierea modelului sti ca idea nu imi apartine, cred ca prima oara ori Lucy Stash ori Chalkboard Nails a creat-o, eu doar am combinat culorile si am pictat dupa modelele multiple vazute pe net. Deci, nu am fost originala, dar iubesc modelul!

  6. Another gorgeous manicure, and I love how you photographed it against the flowers! I think your mum came up with such a great idea for I. xx