Thursday 10 July 2014

The metallic invasion.

Hello everybody!

How are you today? I am very happy to tell you that ,finally, my days are getting better, especially because I have the necessary time to write on my blog.

Today, I am going to talk to you about another 3 polishes I recieved from TipTop . As you already know, they sent me to review 5 polishes. You can see the first 2 HERE

I decided to make 2 different posts because the polishes are very different. The 2 pastels and 3 metallic ones.

I think that I've stated very clearly my opinion about TipTop nail polish in my first blog post. What I am going to add, is that in my eyes, TipTop nail polishes surpassed big companies. (there's no need to say more than that)

Since I firstly applied them on my nails , I knew they are great, because they covered the nail perfectly in one coat. I still use 2 coats because I think that's best ... but you don't "NEED" them.

The 3 nailpolishes I used today are :  (from left to right) ARMOURPLATE, GOLD DIGGER and my personal fav ASTRONAUT.

I like every one of them but the blue one is amazing.

I was never a big fan of metallic nail polishes, I just didn't knew what to do with them, but now I see them in a different light.

I think that a metallic nail polish can give that special "something" to a manicure.

I will start showing the designs I did in the order the nail polishes are in the pic above.

With this silver I decided to do something very simple but special manicure. I think you can use this nail polish for a night out with the girls and also at a wedding.
On the middle and ring finger I added another glitter from GoldenRose- Jollie Jewels.

This second mani I did on my mom's nails yesterday. I tried to do a non-even french mani. I really like the way it looks.

And last but not least(my fav) :

Isn't this colour GORGEOUS? I absolutely love it.( I think I am in love with this colour) .
This is also the first time I did a mani using stripping tape and i liked it a lot.
Unfortunatelly my nails broke since I did the mani...but I will use this polish constantly.

I think that these nail polishes are very good for doing galaxy nails. The first time I'll do a galaxy I'll use them and I will show you.

So. what do you think lovelies?
I would buy them ALL, and love them ...and LOVE them!
I hope everyone of you has the possibility to use them, because they are amazing.

Don't forget to visit their SITE  and the FACEBOOK PAGE .


  1. Sunt superbe toate manichiurile.Mie imi place tare mult cea argintie.Mai asteptam si alte minunatii facute cu aceste oje.Bine structurat review-ul,mi-a facut mare placere sa il citesc.Pup.

  2. Heeeyyyyyy ce frumos,ce de oje mununate,vad si eu blogul normal acum.Pupici

  3. Foarte frumoase modelele, dar preferatul meu ramane ultimul. ♥
    Cred ca asta ne dorim cel mai mult de la o oja, sa acopere perfect inca de la primul strat.
    Recunosc, ca nu stiam de marca asta.
    Si argintiul se vede asa bine pe unghiile tale.
    Te pup.

  4. The blue one is simply stunning! Love the colour itself and the combo you did on your nails <3

  5. Frumoase manichiurile :)

  6. Ojele sunt superbe, nu pot alege doar una preferata ca toate imi plac, iar la modelele create de tine cel cu auriul arata exceptional. Te pup sa ai un weekend minunat!

  7. imi place si cum te-ai jucat cu banda pentru model :x