Saturday 12 July 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter K

Hello hello.

As mani of you might have seen...I jumped letter "J" from the "alphabet challenge" and I am really sorry about that.
I've been very busy these past couple of weeks...that I just could keep up with the things I had to do. (It was an year since my grandpa died and I had to do a lot of stuff; I moved back home and many other things)

I promise that I will make the "J" mani ( I already know the design) and I will post it as soon as I can. (unfortunatelly I have many things to do ... so I cannot promise that I'll post the mani in one week).
I really hope you can understand that I am really busy and I promise I will write at least once a week.

Now, going back to our bussines, the "K" mani.
Oh...believe me I have thought about a million things : kite, koala, kilogram, kiwi... anything that started with K.
Thanks to my dear friend Ithy ( her blog HERE ) who "brainstormed me" I choose KILT.

Initially I had a different idea...but I wasn't able to do it as I wanted and I gave up. ( I wanted to do hairy legs in skirts: what yells "kilt" more than that?)

 After searching pictures with tartans I choose one and I tried to reproduce it on my nails. ( I've seen a lot of designs like this on nails and I've always liked them)

This was my inspiration:
Ofcourse, I didn't use black because I thought it will be too dark.

Overall...I think that this is a very nice design and that it looks really good on the nails.

I used as a base my green from S-he stylezone and for the stripes acrylic paints.

I did the stripes don't judge to harsh my stripes.

I hope you'll like my mani.

Ps: I'll have a second mani at the end of my post.

What do you think?

As promised, I'll also post a second mani. When my mom saw my kilt nails she fell in love. She cleaned her nails...and ORDERED me to do her nails exactly the same.
Could I have said no? Ofc not, so here's the second kilt mani:

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  1. Eeeeeee ce frumos,amandoua imi plac.....normal ca a vrut si mami <3 pupicei

  2. dragalse foc,imi place mai mult cel realizat pe unghiutele tale,este mai vesel,mai colorat :-*

  3. foarte frumoase ambele modele <3

  4. hmm ce interesanta ideea.manichiura tare draguta ,imi plac ambele combinatii

  5. Foarte furmoase manichiurile :*

  6. Veci nu m-as fi gandit la aceasta tema! Imi place mult idea si culorile pe care le-ai utilizat!

  7. Arata foarte bine si eu voi incerca acest model ;)