Wednesday 16 March 2016


Hello hello !

Those of you who follow me on different social medias have already seen this manicure, but I want to talk about the tool I used for this manicure!

I recently got an interesting dotting tool from BronPrettyStore which I tried when doing this look.

There's this dotting tool with exchangeable heads - which in my opinion is a SUPER DEAL!
Why get more tools when you can have only one that does the job?

The tool has 5 heads with 5 different sizes.
Along with the dotting tools we have a pen head I wasn't able to try because you need a special ink-like solution which I don't have, but I've seen being used by a talented girl I know HERE .


  1. Superb ai combinat totul, oja Holo se vede foarte frumos <3, pup

  2. E foarte frumoasa manichiura <3 Iar in legatura cu instrumentul de mai sus, e prima oara cand vad asa ceva. Pare destul de interesant :)