Monday, 16 November 2015

Bornprettystore- stamper,stamping plate and stamping nail polish review

Bornprettystore all over the place!

As you already know ... BornPrettyStore is the first company I started working with when I started my blog...and I am still doing that.

Writing on my blog for them is one of my biggest pleasures...but even better is when I open the package - I am like a kid open a present.

Today I have for you 3 products in the review : a stamper, stamping plate and a special stamping nail polish.

I will start with the stamping plate BP-L020 !- You can find it HERE

I've told you a million times my opinion about their stamping plates- and from all of them there was only one who was horrible (you can't even find in anymore on the site) what I wanted to highlight is that this plate is not from that category!

I could describe this plate with one word : PERFECT!

The designs are perfectly engraved, the size of the designs are good for long nails too (i reviewed the plate when I had short nails but I saw the difference between this plate and another).

On this plate you can find 14 (big) and 7(small) lace designs- these are perfect for elegant manicures. I would say this is a perfect plate for bridal designs.

This is a close up of the design I used for today's manicure.
BornPrettyStore stamper! Find HERE

This is one of the most gorgeous stampers I've ever used. I know calling a stamper "gorgeous" is not the best  thing , because usually when you overly "beautify' an object it means that the functions it has, don't really work - but here is not the case!

The look of the stamper complements it's functionality - this is the perfect combination between useful and fancy.

This is the most squishy stamper I ever had!!! OMG - "it's so squishy I wanna die" (related to Despicable Me)
Even if the stamper is just ~2.5cm diameter it can pick up large images and perfectly transfer them on the nail.

Before using the stamper I had to file the surface down a bit because it was very sticky, but then it worked perfectly!
I've never been so happy about a stamper!  I will probably buy another one like this but bigger- it's pretty amazing.
There is only problem I have with it that it gets stains. I was not able to properly clean it after using it -  I will try cleaning it better, but for the record the stains don't affect the quality of the stamper.

BornPrettyStore special stamping nail polish - Find HERE.

Well...this is the last product I will talk about today...and this is going to be a simple one.
I've used some special stamping nail polish since I started my blog and I have had different experience with them - good and bad!
This one is  from the good category - I have to be honest and tell you that I wasn't expecting this nail polish to work this good but it did and that's what matter.
The nail polish is not thick nor thin , it's just like a normal nail polish but it's very opaque and it also dried not fast-nor hard, so you have enough time to get it from the plate to the stamper and onto the nail.

I haven't tried it yet for homemade decals but I will and I will tell you how it is.

I will add some photos of the manicure I did for this review too - hopefully you'll like it!

Avon Stardust- Teal glitter
RimmelLondon Rita Ora collection- Port-a-loo-blue

Thanks BornPrettyStore for the products - I love them. If you want to order on BPS you can always use my discount code: CUMX31.

Have a good day.


  1. The nails look great and I'm thinking of ordering that stamping plate. It's gorgeous! :D

  2. Arata foarte bine manichiura ta. <3
    Ador culorile folosite.
    puuup :*

  3. Tare frumoasa aceasta manichiura si placuta!

  4. Superbe unghiute si asa mici,se pare ca e vremea unghiutelor mici la noi in grup :)))),super model Iubi,puuup

  5. Manichiura arata superb, ma bucur ca esti atat de multumita de produse :) Stamperul arata foarte elegant si-mi place cum stampileaza. Toate produsele merita incercate :)

  6. nice mani, this Rimmel i like and i like stamping nail art ! cute cute