Thursday, 21 May 2015

Close to my heart #4

Morning darlings!

Another "close to my heart" blog I am going to write about someone who I am very attached to, someone who I never thought will become so important to me.

The mani I am going to show's done in November last year I think, but I wasn't able to post it when I planned, so I kept it there for the right moment!

And now is the right moment. The mani I something I usually do for mani swapping : I take a manicure done by another blogger and try to do my version of the manicure.

Today's blog post is dedicated to my good good friend : Ithfifi.

When I think about Ithi, I think about 2 words : friendship and trust.
As I said many times before...I am amazed by how easily you can get attached to a person without even meeting once. This is what happened to us.

We got to know each other via our passion : nails. (to be honest I don't really remember how I found her blog, or how she found mine...not even how we started talking)
The most important thing is ...that we started talking around one year ago...and since then...not one day has passed without us two talking. Maybe we weren't able to chit chat 3 hours ...but we at least "checked-in" and asked how our days went.

I am used to talking to her on a regular basis....and I find it really hard when we're not able to. I cannot say in words how much she means to me, and what a kind, lovely and carrying person she is.
She was there for me everyday, at any time no matter if I was sad or happy.
We haven't met yet...but we made a pact : if we aren't able to visit each other until one of us gets married, WE WILL MAKE IT TO THE WEDDING, and this is a promise!

When you get along so well with someone and when you care that much about them, the only think you can want more is to be close to them.
I cannot tell you how excited I'll be when I'll be able to talk to her face to face. The thought alone makes me smile.

I wish everyone had a true friend as I have...and I am saying this, even if she is miles away, in the Netherlands.

I dedicate this manicure to her and to our friendship, which I wish to last forever.

Now I will show you the mani that inspired me. (hers was a million times better than mine)
I appreciate her as a blogger, a very talented one actually, but I appreciate her more as the true friend she is.

Hugs and kisses !


  1. Awwh Andreea!! You know I love you! I'm so glad we met and I do remember how!! It was the ShareTheLove movement!! I am so grateful to have such a kind and lovely friend as you, I would simply be lost without you <3 :) xxx

    1. I love you too darling and you know I will be here for you! Every day! Kiss

  2. Fetelor sunteti minunati. Se vede ca va indragiti foarte mult si ca sunteti prietene extrem de bune. Te inteleg in totalitate, prin pasiunea mea am cunoscut si eu o persoana pe care nu am vazut-o nici o data dar tinem legatura, ne interesam unul dupa celalalt etc. si astfel am devenit prietene.
    In lucrarile tale *Close to my heart* se vede cata pasiune si suflet pui. Intodeauna iti ies exceptional de bine! Te pup.

    1. Ma bucur mult ca ai si tu o prietena pe care ai cunoscut-o prin pasiunea noastra! E foarte frumos sa ai pe cineva care iti intelege perfect nebunia.
      Ithi chiar e o persoana minunata!



    xx nora

  4. Ce frumoasa postare Iubi,superba mani ai facut <3

    1. Mersi iubi. Ma bucur ca iti place :*:*