Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Close to my heart #2

Good evening ladies!

How was your day?

Despite all of what the news was an amazing day : hot(as hot as it can get this time of the year) and very very sunny(there was no cloud to be seen on the sky).  I was in a good mood today thanks to the weather outside.

Today I have another "close to my heart" manicure - but with a twist !  The manicure I am going to show you it's done on the girls's nails who is close to my heart.

The lady I am going to talk to you about is a friend I've made in college. We've become very close in a very short period of time...and I can say we are very good friends.

She's a lovely lady who'd give anything for you to be happy! You can trust her and you can count on her at anytime- I must say that, these days, is very hard to find someone like her.

She also has the funniest laugh you'll ever hear - she's simply adorable. I want to thank her that she's a part of my life...and I wish we'll be friends forever.

Now...about the nails - she has gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous NAILS and I am in a constant battle with her to let them grow a bit longer!

A few days ago I did her nails (because she wanted something nice before she shortened them again) and I decided to take pictures. (If you follow me on Facebook-here , you've seen her nails before)

I really love doing her nails - she's the perfect 'client'! I'd do her nails every single day!

Ps: the base colour is ChinaGlaze- Re-fresh mint!


  1. Super foarte frumoase unghiute ai facut,love it <3

  2. Forma unghiilor prietenei tale este absolut perfecta! Lucrarea pe care ai facut-o este de invidiat, un model care se potriveste acestei perioade! Sunt sigura ca prietena ta a fost foarte multumita!
    In Cluj este foarte frig a si nins din pacate. Vreau si eu vreme vina o data primavara!

  3. Sunt superbe ♥

  4. Such a beautiful post, Andreea! Your friends nails look beautiful, I bet she loved reading your sweet post :) I am very glad you have found a good friend, that's a beautiful thing :) xx