Tuesday, 23 December 2014

BornPrettyStore-Water decals review

Hello lovelies.

Tonight I want to show you some decals I've got from BornPrettyStore to try out. I've had them for a long time...but I couldn't do the blog post until now.

I saw a lot of manicures done with water decals...and they looked simply amazing and I wondered how girls do it. When I recieved these decals I was very happy because I finally had the chance to try something like that out.

Unfortunately, I must say that these are the hardest decals I've ever worked with. The final  design looks great...but to get there..was very hard.

Aren't the flowers beautiful?

I found out after I recieved them...that there are 2 types of water decals : individual designs or a full design(like this one) where you have to cut the flower yourself.
And by cutting it ...I mean piece by piece...(can you see the small orange flowers? how on earth would I ever be able to cut the flower perfectly?)

If this wasn't enough...the designs are visible only if you put them on white. (I tried purple, orange, black...)

The only thing I could think about...was to have a white base and then make a black outline (why?), because I couldn't cut the flowers perfectly and you could still see some black around the petals.

The flowers look amazing..but I wouldn't go trough all that trouble to have them on my nails.

If you are patient enough..then you should definitely buy them.