Tuesday 9 September 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter S

Hello hello.

It seems like a lot of time has passed since last week. Even if I've been doing "The 31 days challenge" , I don't feel like I was able to write a lot.

Since my health isn't as good as I wanted, i wasn't able to this manicure on time. (I want to apologize for that)

I had a lot of ideas but I stopped at this one because it was quick and also perfect for this time of year.


Well...at least for some. Fortunately I still have 2 1/2 weeks left of this vacation. I honestly have no idea when it passed.

I hope you're all well and that you're eager to go back to school (for those who are still in school), because I am not. (It's my last year...and I am not ready to "finish" school)

I hope you'll like my manicure. ( I know it's been done a million time but it's also cute)

For this manicure I only used acrylic paints and the BK matte top-coat.

  1. Mădălina - http://misshappyandhernails.blogspot.ro
  2. Carla - http://carlasbeautybox.wordpress.com
  3. Mihaela - http://lacquerbuzz.com
  4. Andreea - www.dittanail.blogspot.ro
  5. Andra - http://andrakat.wordpress.com
  6. Deyutza - http://deyutza87.blogspot.ro
  7. Oana - http://unghiutele.blogspot.ro
  8. Madalina - http://frumusetelapretmic.blogspot.ro
  9. Alina - www.venuschic.com
  10. Rita - http://addictedofbutterflies.wordpress.com


  1. Foarte frumoasa imi place mult <3,am facut si eu una asemanatoare anultrecut ,dar a ta e muuuult mai frumoasa .Puuuup

    1. Multumesc draga mea.
      Sunt sigura ca si a ta a fost la fel de frumoasa :*

  2. every single nail i do like it ! amazing work really ! well done ! love that you mattified all ♥

    1. Thak you sweety.
      I sometimes think that the matte top coat it will make the manicure look more interesting.

  3. Cum am scris si pe FB este foarte frumoasa.Si imi place mult ca ai folosit top coat matifiant.Mereu ma faci sa imi doresc sa il folosesc si eu pe al meu dar cand il folosesc parca nu arata asa extraorinar ca la tine.Pup.

    1. Sunt sigura ca arata bine. Poate nu esti tu obisnuita! :*
      Te pup

  4. foarte dragute :)

  5. Ce manichiură frumoasă! Îmi place foarte mult, uite că mie nu mi-a dat prin cap această temă!
    Te pup!