Friday, 29 August 2014

Cute TAG

Good morning darlings.

How are you today?  I think I can guess that for you : GOOD since it's FRIDAYYYY!!

I'd like  to say that myself...but since I'm on vacation...I don't really care what day of the week it is. Unfortunatelly I am not in a very good mood because of the wound I have on my finger.

I have to admit that it's already getting better (After just one day of no polish), fact that makes me happy.

Since I cannot do my nails I kept looking for something else to do...and thanks to Diana - Makeup Dream I found something nail polish related.

She did this cute and funny tag...with 11 question regarding nail polish.

What else could I have found to do? (I was planning to reorganise my polishes...but this sounds a lot better)

Before I start to answer the questions ....I will tag some friends to do it : OANA , ANDREA , ITHI , MONI   and last but not least HELENA .

1. Which color family of nail polish do you own the most of?

Well...honestly, I always thought I was a blue person (since I was little I adored blue) but...on a recent count I was socked to see that I have more GREEN polishes.
I don't know what to say about this...because everytime I think about it I start laughing. I never went to a store with the idea of buying a green nail polish.

2. Name your most favorite memory you associate with a specific polish?

 It's a bit hard for me to tell you my "fav" story about a nail polish ...because I usually buy them myself and thank god nothing happened in the stores. 
However, having a friend who apreciates and encourages what you do and like it's my story will be about THAT friend: my dear Oana. 
A few months ago ... there was a blogsale where I saw 2 ChinaGlaze Tranzitions and fell in love at first sight with them. 
Unfortunatelly I didn't have the money to buy them...but my sweet friend decided to buy them for me, as a gift. 
I've thanked her many times for that...but I will do it again and again. 
Thank you my dear! :* 

3. What's your best-kept secret for chip-free polish?

This is going to be a funny story : the nail polish on my nails doesn't have the time to chip. :))
I usually keep the same design a maximum of 2 happened only 2 or 3 times to keep a design more than 2 days. 

But, if I know I won't be able to do my nails the next day... I will for sure use the 3D Gel Top-Coat  from Farmec. 
This is the best top coat I've used until now. 

4. Which brand do you own the most colors and why is that formula your favorite? 

Even if I have a great variety of brands...the most I own is Golden Rose. 
This is the brand I've known since I was little : my mom used to buy lipstick from this brand.
I think that they are my fav because, usually, you only need 2 coats for perfect coverage, they last very well, they never chip and they also have a very good price. 

5. Name the polish you like the least in your collection and why you still hold onto it. 

This is a simple answer : my Safari yellow. 
I hate the formula : it needs at least 3 coats to look decent...and it dries very hard..but what can I do if I LOVE the colour? 
 I like it because it's not a neon yellow. (you can see it HERE )

6. Name your holy grail of polish remover? 

This is a simple one : polish remover from FARMEC. 
Even if I tried many brands...I am loyal to this one. 

7. If you use glitter or nail effects, which is your favorite brand and why? 

I have to say GoldenRose again...because they have gorgeous glitters and textured polishes. ( find them at  COSMANIA .
However, I have another collection I absolutely love...from CATRICE.( L'Afrique c'est chic)

 8. Do you match your toes to your nails when you repolish?

The answer is NO. It happened a few times...but I don't do it on purpose. 
I usually have a simple colour on my toes.

9. Name the specific polishes you've repurchased more than twice to show us your holy grail colors. 

This is a simple one : black and white. (these are my most used ''colours" )
These are soon going to be thrown away...and I will add the 3rd generation of GoldenRose no.71 and Flormar no.006

10.Do you paint accent nails or only use one color?

I think you already know the answer to this question. 
If I don't to a sophisticated design on all my nails I will surely to an accent nail. 
I feel sad if my nails don't have designs on them. 

11.Can you name the oldest polish in your collection?  

Oh yes, I surely can: ART DE LAUTREC 
This is more than just my oldest polish in my collection. SHE it my fav nail polish in the world : it was less than 1$ and it only needs one coat to be perfect. 
Unfortunately...I wasn't able to find it again , and she has dried almost completely. I won't throw her away, ever. 
(and I know I should have used "it' instead of "her/she" but she's that important to me ) 

I hope  you liked my answers.
I cannot  wait to see what the girls I tagged answer. 


  1. Multumesc mult ca te-ai gandit la mine. Am gasit multe raspunsuri care o sa se asemene cu ale mele. O sa am nevoie de putin timp pana cand o s fac acest tag, ca am o colectie de oje cam mare si adevarul este ca trebuie sa mi le sortez ca sa pot raspunde la anumite intrebari si sa fac fotografii :)
    Te pup, iti urez un weekend minunat!

    1. Nu conteaza cat dureaza. Abia astept sa vad :D
      Si normal ca m-am gandit la tine...defapt m-am gandit la toate, dar am preferat sa va las si voua persoane sa le nominalizati.
      Multumesc la fel...sper sa avem parte de vreme buna.
      Pupici :*

  2. Heeee merci de tag, o sa ma straduiesc sa_l vfac

  3. Thank for the tag :) I'm excited about doing g this :)))

  4. Ai fost foarte rapidă, eu am pierdut o grămadă de timp să cotrobăi printre oje, să le pozez și să le aranjez apoi la loc. :))
    Ai o mulțime de oje superbe, câteva din cele pe care le văd aici le am și eu, dar sunt și muuulte pe care nu le am! :D Și ce de oje veeerzi.
    Mulțumesc că mi-ai mai lăsat și mie fete la care să dau tag-ul! :))
    Te pup!

  5. Muhahaha, ne intrecem la verde! :))
    Vin si eu saptamana viitoare cu tagul!

  6. Super! Si eu trebuie sa-l fac neaparat. ♥
    Ai o gramada de oje minunate, pe care am pus ochii. :D