Friday 9 May 2014

Moyou Nails-review

Hello ladies!

How are you today?

I had a pretty busy and hard day...but I found the necessary time to do a review I've been so eager to do!
I am going to present 2 stamping plates I recieved from Moyou Nails(link HERE). I really think this is going to be the most elaborate review I did until now because I am going to talk abou the plates, the scraper and also the stamper.
It will be a long post so please be patient.

What can I tel you about MoyouNails?
They were founded in March 2009 in London, UK , there are over 750 designs that can be stamped with they stamping plates and you can find their products in Hamley toy stores.
They also have nail polishes and nail accessories so you don't have to stick to the stamping plates.

Let's cut to the chase. In the package I recevied there were: 1 stamp, 1 scraper and 2 stamping plates I choose. (see photo bellow)

The scraper is made out of a pink plastic and it has write Moyou on it. It's not to much to talk about.
If I couldn't talk much about the scraper I will about the stamper.
First of all, I want to show you the stamper I used until now. It's a no name one for which I payed less than 1$.( It was a pack: stamping plate, scraper and stamper) - since I was so pro I decided to buy something cheap so I could learn how to use it.

As you can see it's the typical stamper you can find on the market, in any store at the subway.
Since I used the one from MoyouNails I can tell you that is a lot harder to handle because it's too short. Being the only one I had I did my job with it(but now I wouldn't use it again). 
You can see a design I did using this stamper HERE

Now, about the stamper I recieved from MoyouNails. The first thing you can see it's different is the colour. (red silicone tip and the black body).
The stamper itself is a lot bigger...i think it's double the size of the one I had, fact that makes it a lot easyer to use.
Another thing that is different the size and the texture of the silicone.The one I had it's very hard while the other one is soft and puffy. It's a lot easyer to roll it on your nail. I absolutely love that.
The last thing I am going to tell you about the stamper I recieved it's something special.
When I opened the package I saw the head separated from the body (how horror does that sound??)
I thought that it was broken...but since I am like a little handyman I said "no problem" and thought of ways to 'fix it' , but before I did that, I sent an email to the company and told them I had recieved the package and also complained that it was broken.
The lady was really nice and explained to me that it wasn't broken but it's the way they make them so you could clean them a lot easyer. I was really excited when I read what she told me...because I think it's a great idea. However, the head stays where it's supposed to, so no worries it's not going anywhere.
These being said...I think we can pass to the stamping plates.

Even though I know for sure I want full-size nail designs on the stamping plates, as you can guess, I still had a hard time choosing my plates.
The big amount of different and gorgeous designs makes it very hard for you to choose something.
I finally decided to pick no.216 and no.82. They both have abstract and flowery designs which in my opinion is perfect.
The plates are very well engraved.( you can feel the design when running your fingers over it)

The first thing I noticed about the plate no.216 it's that the designs are more longer than wider and as you can see that's not the case on the other one->
I was a bit sceptical at first because my nails are a bit wider  and I thought it won't cover the whole nail...but to my surprize, I was wrong. Due to the quality of the stamper the design transfered perfectly on the nail.

For the designs I decided to use 4 different colours.
I used Maybelline-Colorama no.103 as a basecoat and for the stamping GoldenRose RichColour no.44. ( for the first plate)
I think this combination is really nice because the contrast is high.
I recently found out from one of my friends that GoldenRose RichColour work perfectly for stamping and I was curious to try.
I will now show you what I did.
I had some problems with the design no.4 because it wouldn't stick to the stamper. I managed to do it after 3-4 times.

My personal fav is no.3. ( I think I will use it soon on a design for the Alphabet Challenge)
Bellow I am going to show you some close-ups:

For the other stamping plate I use S-he Stylezone no.312 and a no-name one for the stamping.

I chose this colours because I thought the design will pop-out.
With this stamping plate I had some trouble with the design no.1

On this stamping plate I have 2 favs: no.2 and no.3
Here are the close-ups:
I hope you liked my review and also that you had the patience to read it all.
To conclude I am going to say that the stamping plates and especially the stamper, are amazing! I love them. I will use them as often as I can :)
I would absolutely say they are worth buying!
Here's one last time the link to MoyouNails site:

Until the next time: KISSES.


  1. Prima manichiura e the best ever!!
    Super bine ti-a iesit <3

    1. Iti multumesc mult, sa stii ca si mie imi place cum a iesit.

  2. Ce frumos ti-a iesit, mie imi plac toate modele..e greu de ales doar unul :)

    1. Cred ca...defapt sigur ai dreptate.
      Sunt chiar foarte dragute. :D

  3. Nu stiam ca au si placute mici :D imi plac mult toate modelele realizate! :*

    1. Iti multumesc mult.
      ps: nu este vorba de acel Moyou. (sunt 2 firme diferite/ si eu am aflat de curand)

  4. ce review frumos ai facut Andreea,modelul meu preferat cel cu trandafiri <3

    1. Multumesc draga mea!
      Este foarte elegant, intr-adevar!

  5. Great post! Love the pics!

  6. Amazing review! I need to try a silicone stamper, mine are both rubbery and hard and I'm really curious to see what changes using a puffier one!
    Gorgeous stamping samples here *_*

    1. Thank you. I think you should try's amazing. Its very easy to roll it on your nail!

  7. super faine , ce imi plac la placutele astea e ca poti folosii orice oja nu doar cele speciale pt asa ceva

    1. Multumesc.
      Exista si placute la care nu merg orice fel de oje?? Nu stiam.

  8. 1 si 3 de la prima placuta si 2 de la cea de-a doua placuta, sunt preferatele mele! <3 kisses, G

    1. Si mie-mi place a 3-a de la prima. Mersi G, kisses :*

  9. Ce dragute ti-au iesit :) Acuma mi-ai facut pofta de stamping <3

  10. Ce modele frumoase si ce fain arata :) Sunt super, mai ales cea cu trandafiri.

  11. This was a very nice review. Thank you!

  12. Ambele manichiuri sunt foarte frumoase, dar prima îmi place puțin mai mult! :D
    Nu știam că sunt două firme cu plăcuțe care au fix același nume. :))

    1. Cred ca si mie tot prima imi place mai mult.
      Sincera sa fiu nici eu nu stiam. Am aflat acum o saptamana :))
      In fiecare zi invatam ceva nou.

  13. foarte frumos review si manichiurile tale sunt frumoase! felicitari!

  14. foarte frumos review! iar combinatiile sunt foparte reusite! bravo! :*

  15. Foarte frumoase modelasele.Imi plac toate.In legatura cu stapilele astea moi,sunt intr-adevar buna dar euam intampinat greutati in a transfera anumite modele pe ele.Dar in rest sunt cele mai bune.Felicitari pt articol.Foarte frumos scris!

    1. Iti multumesc.
      Cand nu am reusit sa iau alea 2 modele m-am gandit sa incerc cu cealalta stampila...dar pana la urma a mers.
      Cred ca depinde de cat e de adanc gravat modelul, n-am idee.

  16. Foarte frumoase amandoua !!
    Imi place mult nr. 4 de la manichiura a doua. :D
    Esti super talentata ! :*

  17. These plates look great, Andreea and your stamping is really good! I've not tried the MoYou plates yet but I've seen so many great things about them. This is a really good review, thank you for sharing it :D I really love the rose pattern stamp, your nail looks stunning! xx

    1. You're so sweet Ithi!
      I see the rose one is the most loved. I like it too, i think it's so elegant :)
      Thank you again! Kisses sweetheart.

  18. Wow! All of them looks so pretty and professional! Love it :))

  19. Modelele sunt fantastice, iar review-ul foarte detaliat si bine lucrat! In schimb, m-ai bulversat total cu Moyou. Am stat ceva pe google sa-mi dau seama ca nu e unul si acelasi :)) Acum vreau sa te vad ce decal-uri frumoase faci cu ele :)

    1. Multumesc pentru compliment! (am incercat sa il fac cat se poate de detaliat).
      Si in legatura cu Moyou...::))) Si eu am fost la fel de confuza. (m-a lamurit Oana si google-ul).
      Abia astept sa le incerc, sincer!

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