Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sweet roses.

Good night darlings.

How are you tonight? Having a good week until now?

I have to tell you that I had a very awkward day. I haven't slept all night because of my "dorm-neighbours" who had some kind of a party all night long.

I usually don't mind them partying but today I had to get up at 6:30 and having around 3h of sleep when I have to stay 8 hours at school doesn't sound nice at all.

Well...went to school...and guess what? My crazy professor kicked me out of the class after 5 minutes. ( this is the first time this happens to me...but the reason is even better- she asked us to write down what mass media is composed of : internet, television and radio, and I didn't write that down!! well F**K you too).  That's how I spent 2h alone and then another 2h with my friend on a couch because we had a break.

After that followed another 4h with the same crazy lady.(we still talked about mass media...and this time I wrote down what she said)

I honestly believed that I had a very bad day until I went to my doctor for a check up and everything turned out better than expected.

I finally recieved some good news and I very happy about them. My 5-6 months work turned out not to be for nothing - I lost around 15kg and my health state is getting better and better.

I wanted to tell you this because I am very happy about this and also proud. I think that my life is finally getting better from many points of view.

The manicure I will show you today matches my happiness even if I did yesterday when I wasn't feeling so good. (i think something pushed me to do it like this)

This is not a different or a super hard/complicated manicure...but it's simple, elegant and cute.

I wanted something more summer-ish on my nails and I choose the ChinaGlaze Re-fresh Mint as base colour and I did the roses with my fav pink from TipTop and ChinaGlaze Trazitions- Split Personality.

I finished the manicure with my ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE top coat from Farmec.

I am very curious to know what do you think about this manicure!

 I want to remind of my MoyouNails Giveaway . I hope I will recieve a lot of manicures.


  1. Superba mani. Iti schimba starea de spirit imediat, un model asa finut si in nuante linistitoare. Plus ca este genul meu de manichiura. ♥
    Imi pare rau pentru aspectele neplacute ale zilei pe care ai fost nevoita sa le suporti. Din pacate, uneori se mai intampla sa avem si zile d-astea si in general sa nu fie doar o singura problema, sa mai vina cu una la pachet. Ma bucur insa pt tine ca ai aflat acele vesti minunate.

    1. Adevarul este ca ajuta foarte mult culorile deschise...chiar inveseleste.

      Problemele..da, vin mereu la pachet dar am trecut peste ele. :)

      Te pup

  2. Amazing design Andreea :)
    I hope your sleeping will be better and longer tonight.
    Have a lovely evening dear friend :D

  3. Foarte draguta si finuta manichiura ta,super ai desenat trandafirasii <3.Si......te-ai cam distrat pe la scoala :)))))

  4. vorba Oanei...te-ai cam distrat :))))))) foarte draguta mani ! te pup

  5. Superba manichiura de astazi,este finuta si feminina.Stii tu....orice sut in ....un pas inainte!Si ma bucur mult ca esti bine din punct de vedere al sanatatii!Pup.

  6. ce frumi e manichiura! imi place mult si forma unghiutelor :*

  7. Frumoasa manichiura :)

  8. Esti cumva la Fac. Comunicare si Relatii publice? Am avut si eu o profa care se comporta mai 'unusual' :) Ma bucur mult ca ai o stare de sanatate buna, cred ca acesta conteaza cel mai mult in viata...restul urmeaza! Cat despre manichiura, arata impecabil foarte frumos ti-au iesit trandafirii!

    1. Ti-am spus pe facebook ce si cum cu profa. Exista sanse mari sa fie aceeasi :)))

      Intr-adevar, sanatatea e cea mai importanta...d-aia incerc sa nu bag in seama restul "problemelor" .
      Ma bucur ca iti place manichiura!

  9. Roses are the best ! love this manicure !

  10. Aww I'm happy to hear a happy-ending of your day :) Hopefully, u'll have a stress free day tomorrow. Aanndd.. Beautiful nail art too :) i luv them.