Monday 25 August 2014

I let dad choose!

Hello darlings.

How are you tonight?

I am not as good as I would have wanted to be : the weather makes me cry.
I went for a walk tonight (around 7:00pm) and I had to wear a jacket...that for me means only one thing: AUTUMN is here.

Is not like I hate this just that I love the summer more.

Getting over my little sadness...let me tell you about the mani I am going to show to you tonight.

Since I started my "polish crazyness" my dad was 100% supportive. (and I apreciate that a lot)

He usually gives his opinion on designs I do; it's always simple : "i like it" , "i don't like it" , "i don't get it" , "what is that supposed to be?" . Even if his answers are simple...they are important to me.

Since he's been so supportive...I've decided to get him involved a little more : I gave him the opportunity to choose 3 colours for me to do a design with.

He said yes (it's not like he had a choice though) and he choose: red, yellow and black(thank god for that black)

I was a bit disappointed to see what he choose....because, honestly, I had NO IDEA what to do with them.

From here..I started my "what-to-do" routine: I did an accent nail (yellow) and started to do a french with the red. (Usually when  I don't know what to do I do a french mani - it's kind of my thing)

After I applied the red...inspiration striked me : POKEMON.

I've wanted for some time to a Pikachu manicure ...and it look like my dad pushed me, without even knowing.

Unfortunatelly....the topcoat smudged Pikachu's face a bit (but I hope you can still like him)

I am very curious to know what would you have done with these 3 colours?

Kisses darling- untill next time


  1. Cat de dragut e tatal tau! Go dad! :) E ft dragut Pikachu, sa stii. Imi plac ft mult unghiutele tale :*

  2. Cât de drăgălaș e Pikachu! Foarte bună idee ai avut, eu nu știu ce-aș fi ales să fac cu cele trei oje. Buline probabil, asta fac când nu am nicio altă idee! :))
    Te pup!

    1. Sa stii MIha ca am avut o inspiratie din aia de moment: BOOM!

      Mi se mai intampla cateodata :)))

  3. Ce dragalas e <3,imi place oja galbena mult.A iesit foarte bine,nu se vede ca e putin mazgalit <3 .Pupici

  4. Gooo for dad!!!
    Tare frumusel mititelul.Imi place ca ai folosit top coat matifiant! :-*

    1. :*
      In ultimul timp cred ca l-am folosit cam prea des...dar mi se pare ca arata foarte bine :)

  5. Very cute manicure. :)
    I also like to ask my dad for an opinion on my manicures. Once he went on some trip and came home with three new polishes. His choice was very similar to the one of you father; the same GR red polish, very similar yellow and one with glitter. I also did french mani with these colors (you can see it here Now you have reminded me that I should let my dad to pick the colors for my manicures more often. :D

    1. Thank you.

      I honestly think that, even if they don't totally get what we're doing or why we do it, it's nice of them to somehow participate...and I also think that us asking for their opinion makes them feel...important.

      So...let your dad choose colours for your manis. (I am sure it will be a good challenge for your imagination)

  6. Wow your dad did a great job picking out these colours and I think you chose an amazing way to pair them together. I love the french style nails, the matte really brings something special to it and your Pikachu looks great :) xx

  7. your nail designi s so cute! I have always wanted to do the "He picks 3 pooilish challenge myself; when I have a bit more time I'll ask my son, I hope that the result will be as beautiful as your :)